Reportage wedding photography at St.Albans Cathedral Hertfordshire

I’ve lived in St.Albans most my life, so was really pleased to photograph a wedding in the beautiful St.Albans Cathedral in the lady chapel.

First dance at the wedding St.Michaels Manor Hotel St.Albans

It’s always nice to see what couples do for the first dance at a wedding. Some learn an elaborate dance and some just wing-it and go freestyle. Either way I’m always ready with my camera to photograph the event. These wedding photos were taken at St.Michaels Manor Hotel in St.Albans, which is a lovely venue for a wedding.

This groom has some serious moves at Sopwell Manor House

I’ve never seen moves quite so impressive as this groom demonstrated at a wedding in Sopwell House St.Albans.

Wedding speech photography at St.Michaels Manor Hotel, St.Albans

I’ve heard quite a few wedding speeches over the years (some better than others). They always offer a great opportunity to capture some natural facial expressions of the bridge and groom and their friends and family – smiles, tears, laughter and all. These wedding photographs were taken at St.Michaels Manor Hotel in St.Albans, Hertfordshire.

Reportage wedding reception photography at Gaynes Park Barns

This couple had put a lot of thought into their wedding table decorations, which looked absolutely stunning. The venue was Gaynes Park Barns in Epping, Essex, which I’d highly recommend for a wedding. From a wedding photographers point of view it’s a great place to get married.

Reportage wedding photography at St.Michaels Manor Hotel St.Albans

I always try to capture natural, reportage style wedding photography of the bride and groom and their friends and family having a good time. Here’s some photographs I took at a wedding in St.Michaels Manor Hotel St.Albans, Hertfordshire.

Wedding photography in The Lanes and Royal Pavilion Brighton

After the ceremony I took a walk with this couple through The Lanes in Brighton and around the Royal Pavilion where we captured these wedding photographs.

Wedding couple standing infront of graffiti in The Lanes Brighton.

Wedding couple standing infront of The Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

Wedding photography at St John the Baptist Church Aldenham

Wedding photography in Osmaston Saint Martin’s Church

The sun shone for this beautiful wedding in Osmaston Saint Martin’s Church. A lovely part of the world.

Getting ready wedding photography – St.Albans Hertfordshire

The hours building up to the wedding ceremony are always full of emotions and excitement, which as a wedding photographer is great fun to capture. I try to get a mixture of wide-angle shots to capture what’s going on in the room, plus all the little details.

Colourful wedding bouquet photos

As a seasoned wedding photographer I never forget to photograph the flowers. Here’s a few photos of colourful wedding bouquets that I have shot. If your having a wedding in St.Albans I can highly recommend Flowers! Flowers! in Christopher Place.

St.Albans Cathedral wedding photography in the lady chapel

I was lucky enough to photograph a wedding at St.Albans Cathedral in the Lady Chapel. Having grown up in St.Albans I’ve always admired our beautiful cathedral, so it was great to have this opportunity. The weather shone as did the bride.